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Dr. Alireza Azami




Assessing Slope Stability in Anisotropic Rock Masses


The effects of strength anisotropy of rock masses in slope stability problems are the focus of this presentation. The source of the strength anisotropy can be attributed to many factors and the motivation of this study is to concentrate on the effects of planes of weakness, such as joints and bedding planes on the slope stability analysis. The limit equilibrium approach and finite element with shear strength reduction method are used for numerical simulations of slope stability problems. The finite element simulations take advantage of a constitutive model with embedded weak planes. The results obtained from the two methods are compared with each other.


Dr. Alireza Azami is a Geomechanics Specialist and Director of Business and Research at Rocscience. He holds his Ph.D. from McMaster University in Civil Engineering (Geomechanics), joined Rocscience in 2010 and has done research and development work on Slide2, Slide3, RS2, RS3, and RSData. Dr. Azami is an instructor for workshops, webinars, Rocscience standard short courses, and customized course packages.

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