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Gem Midgley

Mira Geoscience



Maximising value from existing data: Integrated interpretation at the Nova Ni-Cu-Co deposit, Western Australia

Gem Midgley, Glenn Pears, Aurore Joly, James Reid, Joshua Combs, Antonio Huizi and Andrew Fitzpatrick


Integrated interpretation is an interactive approach to developing multi-disciplinary 3D models. The compilation of all exploration data within a 3D environment forms the basis for model development. To maximise the value of all the datasets, the relationships between them need to be evaluated and interrogated and incorporated into the modelling and deposit understanding. The modelling workflow iterates through quantitative assessment, forward modelling and inversion, updating of model parameters and refinement of interpretations; at each stage of data addition and hypothesis testing. The process is not only integrative and iterative, but by its very nature, it is required to be objective-driven and adaptive. The iterative approach results in more detailed subsurface knowledge and more useful3D models.


Integrated geoscience data becomes the core asset for managing the life cycle of a mine. One method or study does not become a deliverable or report left on a shelf, never to be looked at again. Integrated interpretation means each dataset, analysis method and study is used to build upon deposit knowledge and subsurface characterisation.


The principles of integrated interpretation underpin the exploration strategy at IGO Limited (IGO). Over many years Mira Geoscience has worked with IGO to continually add new data through the integrated interpretation process for an increased understanding of deposit controls and characteristics, which are also combined with results from other studies to ensure enhanced prospectivity and maximum value from all datasets.


Gem is a professional geoscientist with diverse experience in minerals exploration, geoscience research and consulting. For more than 20 years she has provided technical leadership and domain expertise in integrated multidisciplinary mineral systems modelling and exploration targeting.


Gem has experience in product development, implementing technology solutions to improve customer success and assessment of project strategy.


Before joining Mira Geoscience, Gem worked with global resource companies and world-leading research organisations including Placer Dome, AngloGold and CSIRO. She holds a Masters in Economic Geology from the University of Tasmania and is a Member of the Australian Institute of Geoscientists.

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