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Justin Rowntree




Mining with Principles - how our collective action on nature can contribute to the ambitions of the Global Biodiversity Framework (GBF)


As stewards of the minerals and metals that are critical to sustainable development and decarbonisation, our industry has a responsibility to lead from the front and minimise the impact of operations on the environment and the communities where we operate. ICMM member companies have committed to operating according to 10 mining principles and 39 performance expectations. While these commitments drive leadership, action, and innovation for sustainable development, they are not the ceiling of our ambition.

Nature loss and ecosystem collapse is an undeniable threat to people and the planet, affecting human wellbeing and environmental health in every country on every continent. ICMM and our member companies are already taking steps to address this global challenge and contribute towards a world in which nature is more healthy, abundant, and resilient. In this presentation, we will explore some of the initiatives that ICMM and our member companies are implementing and of the critical role that the mining and metals sector can play in supporting the ambitions of the Global Biodiversity Framework (agreed at COP 15 in December 2022).



Justin Rowntree joined ICMM in October 2022 as Senior Manager in the Environment Resilience portfolio, working across the nature, mine closure and water stewardship programs. His work focuses on cross-functional integration with the social performance, innovation, and governance portfolios to ensure the sum-of-all-parts delivers high-value outcomes for people and planet.

Justin has worked as a multidisciplinary environment, social performance, and sustainability professional within the mining industry for over 17 years. His experience spans project lifecycles from environmental and social impact assessment and baseline study management, mine operations, mine closure and corporate roles. Much of his work has occurred throughout the Asia-Pacific in complex environments involving traditional and customary stakeholders.

Justin is particularly interested in how the application of cross-disciplinary ESG initiatives can drive holistic stakeholder value, improve lives and the condition of our planet.

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