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Dr. Len Drury

Aqua Rock Konsultants (ARK)


Challenges of Hydrogeology in Mine Development and Operation

During mine development and operation, there is usually too much or not enough groundwater. Both options are good for the hydrogeological profession. This may require development water supply borefields, mine dewatering, slope depressurisation, numerical modelling, Managed Aquifer Injection (in-situ mining, reducing regional hydrogeological impact, wastewater management), community consultation and local and international court representation. Due to outstanding professionalism and management skills of most mining companies it is usually a pleasure to work with them, however, there are exceptions.

Examples of hydrogeological studies will be given for major open cut and underground mining projects in Australia, Bangladesh, Kazakhstan, Philippines and Saudi Arabia. Current ARK mine consultancies will not be presented.

The Hydrogeologist is usually one of the first professionals to arrive on a potential mineral exploration site. When working internationally the Consultant needs to understand the political, religious and ethnicity of the working environment. A simple job may be enlargened to major projects status with some simple strategies under respect and professional excellence. These essential professional standards will be presented during the presentation.


Dr Len Drury has over 50 years groundwater experience, initially as a Hydrogeologist with NSW State Government, Australia; then Principal Hydrogeologist/Director with Coffey International; and Chief Technical Specialist for SMEC. In 2016 he founded Aqua Rock Konsultants. Dr Drury has worked in over 50 countries, delivering groundwater supplies to refugee camps, over 4,000 villages, numerous towns and cities. He was consulted on more than 150 mining projects in Asia (China, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Mongolia, Philippines, Thailand), Indian subcontinent (Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka), The Pacific (New Zealand, Niue, P/New Guinea, Solomon Island), Africa (Botswana, Ghana, Namibia, Tanzania, Zambia), Middle East (Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia), Ireland, and all states of Australia.

Dr Drury is currently working on a major mining project in Pakistan. He has trained more than 100 Hydrogeologists and written extensively on the Hydrogeology of Myanmar.

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