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Pieter Neethling




The Value of Geoscience Data in Mining - Showcasing an Innovative Digital Model and Proactive Response for Safe and Robust Performance of a Tailings Storage Facility 

Geoscience data underpins every major decision made within the mining lifecycle. From exploration and production to mining infrastructure, tailings storage and restoration of the mine at the end of its tenure. During the life of a mine, vast amounts of data are produced, which, if managed effectively, can enable new ways to solve increasingly complex problems, manage risk and uncover valuable insights to improve mine management over the life cycle of an asset, including better, faster decision-making, safety and productivity.


One such use case is the harnessing of existing technology to develop a digital twin powered by IoT that provides a set of tools to meet new standards in Tailings Storage Facilities. This new workflow could equip engineers and dam owners with the ability to look beyond reactive deformation monitoring to proactive management that can help manage risk and enhance operational performance. This is a technological ‘leap through the looking glass’ into the inner mechanics of a tailings structure, with a cloud-based, collaborative workflow that leads to a better understanding of the physical asset, enabling better prediction and preventive capabilities.


Pieter is the Segment Director for Mining Operations at Seequent. His role is focused on making Seequent’s geosciences portfolio more relevant to production geologists , geotechnical and environmental experts, essentially solving operational challenges centred on safety and productivity improvements through digital transformation. Pieter has spent more than 30 years in the mining industry with roles ranging from operational site experience including lead positions in consulting and mining technical services at top-tier mining and services organizations. Pieter is in Christchurch, New Zealand.

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