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Call for Abstracts

Submittal Link

Username: lifeofmine
Password: geoscience

Deadline for submittal is April 3, 2023

Submit an abstract with case studies and/or research on the application of geoscience tools in the life of a mine - Geology, Geophysics, Hydrogeology, Geotechnical methods. Geochemistry, Environmental Science in the follow proposed eight themes:

  • Mine engineering, operation, monitoring and expansion.

  • Environmental Concerns and permitting.

  • Interdisciplinary (geology, geophysics, hydrogeology, geotechnical, geochemistry, soil science etc.)

  • Water and soil management and regulatory approaches.

  • Resource / Ore optimization and waste limitation and management.

  • Rehabilitation, re-purposing of historical mines (e.g. re-processing of mine wastes for critical minerals).

  • Closure and reclamation planning and implementation.

  • Education Toward Future Mining Practice.


Please pass this notice onto your geoscience colleagues and network contacts who you know may be working in mining and mine site geoscience of any kind. Please also alert your company or companies you are working with in the mining sector about sponsorship opportunities for the Symposium

For further information about sponsorship opportunities or to volunteer your efforts in helping to make this seminar a success, please contact the 
Symposium Manager, Heather Clark or the organizing committee members, Geoff Pettifer (EEGS):
Dave Knott (AEG):

Instructions for Writing and Submitting your Abstract:


Submittal Link

Username: lifeofmine
Password: geoscience

Deadline for submittal is April 3, 2023


Font: Type abstract in 10 point, Times New Roman font.

Title: Bold your title (please do not use all caps for your title). Your title may not be more than 120 characters in length, including spaces. Please capitalize the first letter of all primary words.

Author(s): Type last name first, followed by first name, followed Company or Affiliation and then your email address. All co-authors should be listed as first name, last name and email address only. Group names will not be accepted as an author. 

Abstract: Your abstract body is limited to 300 words or less not including the title and author lines.
Bio: Enter your bio (limited to 125 words) for the moderator's introduction before your presentation.


Presentation time will be 20 minutes for each speaker. Your abstract will be reviewed for subject and format appropriateness; notifications of acceptance/rejection will be sent by April 17, 2023. We must receive your meeting registration for the meeting by April 24, 2023 in order for your abstract to be published in the Program with Abstracts.

Sample Abstract:

Rebuilding Example Dam, Lessons Learned from Interesting Project I Worked on (bolded and in title case)

LastName, FirstName, Example Company,; Secondary FirstName LastName, email; Tertiary FirstName LastName, email (Author last name, author first name, author organization, author email; co-author first name last name, email)


In Month of Year, a series of strong storms hit Major US State.  State received over 34 inches of rainfall in 2 months, resulting in the overtopping and partial failure of Example Dam, which provides drinking water for over 3 million residents in the Central part of State.  Company responded with a team of engineering geologists who worked with 14 drill rigs, a team of industrial hygienists to monitor air quality, and a UAV pilot who photographed the damaged dam.  LIDAR mapping was also used to identify offsets from a nearby fault that trends toward Example Dam.  As part of the dam reconstruction effort, over 4 million tons of soil was transported to re-build and stabilize the aging earthen dam.  Some of this soil contained potentially hazardous concentrations of naturally occurring metals, which required special PPE for on-Site workers and area air monitoring.  This presentation will summarize the events leading to the overtopping and partial failure of Example Dam, Company’s response efforts resulting in a successful repair, as well as lessons learned (Abstract body - 300 words).

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